April 8, 2020

Official Sparring Point to employees of SAP announcement:


Dear employees,

since the situation about Corona virus limits your daily lives, as well as does not allow you to exercise in Sparring Point either use our services, we have prepared fully online system to help you out. We have created a new YouTube Channel directly for you

ð  YouTube channel – CLICK HERE –


This channel will contain daily videos about exercising at home, healthy lifestyle, eating habits, tips to boost your immunity system, and much more! There will be also posted online seminars for various topics to give you another chance to learn about your body and ways to treat yourself.


Make sure you watch our Intro video, subscribe the channel, and click on the “bell”, so you will be notified about new videos. You can even post comments, and let us know what topics you want to know about.


ð  Introduction video – CLICK HERE –

We have also pushed the restoration of our FAQ web section to be fully operational & we will inform you when it is ready.

All our other services are now available online as well, so do not hesitate to contact us by NEW EMAIL made for this situation:



·         Personal training

·         Trainer’s guidance and mentoring

·         Cooperation and creating a home work-out plan

·         Specific consultation (pain, eating habits, physical issues etc.)

·         Nutrition counseling

·         Physiotherapeutic guidance/consultation

·         Masseurs’ guidance/consultation

The exact “how to” manual is under construction and will be available from next week 🙂

Any services you may found needed, can be modified and added into our offer, your satisfaction our priority.


SPECIAL SERVICES/BENEFITS: – password: 2020 – subdomain e-shop for SP clients with at least 30% discount where you can find clothes and equipment for your home training. – our B2B partner e-shop – where you can find sport nutrition supplies (we are working on subdomain for you so in case you want something now, just let us know to arrange a discount for you)

ð  Option of counseling and guidance with purchasing the sport equipment for your home, as well as food, nutrition, vitamins, and anything you might need in this specific situation.


For any information about the online content or services, you can contact the online operations coordinator Daniel Zach –