We never sleep, because we are always with you and online.

During this difficult time, we are not able to be with you in person, but we are everywhere you need us. We were able to transform all of our services into online mode and even add something extra. Below, you can see the services and benefits our online gym provides, as well as all the channels we are using to deliver those directly to you.

The online gym is open every day and brings you all the following services for free:

  • We send newsletter daily posts every day to keep you posted and informed.
  • Daily posts contain handful information about healthy lifestyle, exercising, videos, and more.
  • Multiple online group lessons are open every week.
  • Videos containing training tips, exercises, and much more are posted regularly on YT.
  • Online Seminars & Workshops
  • Outdoor gym with trainer’s assistance

Daily posts are sent as newsletter every day, and they are all listed on our blog.

  • Tips about healthy lifestyle – articles, interesting facts, exercises, and more…
  • Educational videos – training videos, exercises specifications, group lessons, and more…
  • Group lesson schedule for the upcoming week
  • News from the fitness world
  • The newest info about our activity and our actions to take care of you!

Every daily post sent as a newsletter is later listed on our blog:

  • You can see all of the previous newsletters
  • Search through all the tips and information we have shared with you
  • Did you miss something? Just check our blog!

Since we can’t be here for you and practice together in person, you have the opportunity to take advantage of our free online ZOOM lessons. 

  • Weekly group lessons schedule is sent via our Newsletter
  • You do not need to register, just click the ZOOM link in the NWL or at our website.
  • You can connect and see the monthly schedule HERE
  • Can’t you find your favorite lesson? LET US KNOW


We fund all of our services in cooperation with SAP to create better working environment for you!
Due to the current situation, we fund all the services to give you better offer – all of our services are offered for special price of 50% of its regular cost.

All of our traditional personal services are now available at our new Massage room Fingerka or at  Charles University, Faculty of Physical Education (FTVS):

  • SODEXO payments work for all services
  • Personal trainings – in Prague gyms, at home, or outside depending on your preferences
  • Outside group lessons
  • Nutrition counseling – online or in person
  • Massages –  Fingerka / FTVS / Home massage
  • Diagnostics – Fingerka / FTVS
  • Physiotherapy – Fingerka / FTVS
  • Laboratory diagnostics – FTVS
  • Expert consultation in various areas – online or in person (trainer, nutritionist, coach, physiotherapist, and masseur)

We cannot use your favorite massage room at SAP, but we have reconstructed a NEW ONE for you – Massage Room Fingerka – where you are welcome as our priority clients with a proper discount!

  • SODEXO payments are accepted for all services
  • 1/2 hour massage – 200 CZK
  • 1 hour massage – 400 CZK
  • We also offer physiotherapy and rehabilitation sessions.

We have created an e-shop especially for you – SAP employees, SPARRINGPOINT-SHOP.CZ. As our clients, you will find advantageous conditions for the purchase of recommended goods, directly from our experts.

  • Clothes & Goods
  • Sport equipment
  • Nutrition & Dietary supplements
  • Services
  • Support line – we are ready to consult your potential purchase to help you to make the best decision possible. What equipment, clothes, and supplements suits the most to your intention and activity.


We have created YouTube channel full of videos for you to view. Videos are posted regularly, so make sure you subscribe your new channel and stay tuned for new videos!
What are the videos about?

  • Training tips
  • Exercises descriptions
  • Group lessons videos
  • Full training videos
  • Healthy tips
  • Seminars & workshops
  • Challenges


  • We are OPEN 8 am – 8 pm every day
  • We are operating in time zone (UTC +01:00) Prague
  • SP hotline is on – ready to answer your calls about anything
  • Reach us on these numbers or emails: