Daily Post 61 – International Letter SP Online

July 5, 2020

Dear Clients,

we are sorry our online gym is available only for the registered clients, and the rest of SAP is not capable of receiving the content neither using the offer of our services. We have decided to reach the whole SAP, and give all employees a chance to join us! We are trying to make the benefits available for everyone, so we would like to ask you whether you are satisfied with our online gym, and if you are we would be more than happy if you could forward this email to your colleagues.

We are in this together! #payitforward 🙂

Thank you, and have a great day!

Dear employees of SAP,

based on our cooperation with the SAP company, we are now making our Online Gym available to all SAP employees worldwide. The complete content and all our online services will be now available for registered as well as not registered clients FREE OF CHARGE until the current pandemic situation is over and the gates of our gym will open again 🙂

As you may already know, we are located in 9th floor of building B, Metronome business center at Prague, but during this difficult time, we are everywhere you need us. We were able to transform all of our services into online mode and even add something extra. Below we would like to firstly introduce the services and benefits our online gym provides and right after that, all the channels we are using to deliver those right to you.


  • Daily Posts & Social Media Feed
  • YouTube Videos
  • Seminars & Workshops


  • Expert consultation in various areas through online video call
  • Trainer, nutritionist, coach, physiotherapist, and masseur


  • Guaranteed 30% up to 70% sale our E-SHOP sub-domain offering sport clothes & equipment. Use the code: 2020
  • 15% sale on our B2B partners’ e-shop FIT-PRO.CZ offering sport equipment & nutrition supplementation. Use the code: SPARRING
  • Support line – we are ready to consult your potential purchase to help you to make the best decision possible. What equipment, clothes, and supplements suits the most to your intention and activity.


  • We are OPEN 8 am – 8 pm every day
  • We are operating in time zone (UTC +01:00) Prague
  • SP hotline is on – ready to answer your calls about anything
  • Reach us on these numbers or emails:

You can also see our activities on social media, which are now made specially for you, as you are our number one priority.