Daily Post – 489 This week in history

January 31, 2022

This week in history

Daily post 489

Dear Clients,


time for history is coming again let’s learn something new together because it is not just about muscles the strength goes along with wisdom and it is very important to appreciate knowledge. That is our philosophy.


13th of December

1918 Woodrow Wilson became first American president who visited Europe during mandate.

14th of December 

Roald Amundsen conquered south pole in 1911.

15th of December

The Basic Bill of Rights was accepted and became part of the US Constitution in 1791.

16th of December

Boston tea party: Boston citizens disguised as Indians seized consignments of tea on ships in the harbor and dumped it at sea in protest of British tea law in 1773.

17th of December

The Wright brothers made their first flight by plane in 1903.

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