Daily Post – 457 Mobility for everyday

November 12, 2021

Mobility for everyday

Daily post 457

Dear Clients,


today we are going to talk about mobility. Especially during this time when we have to work from home and sit at the desk for the whole day, we need to learn how to release our body and relax.


In today’s video, our trainer Dan is going to show the basic routine for the mobility of your body after a long day at the desk. These exercises can help get rid of the pain which you can feel after a long time sitting on the chair in the same position.


In case you are interested in this kind of therapy you can watch other videos which are devoted to this theme.


If you have any questions, or requirements please reach our online gym coordinator nikola.milicic@sparring.cz


Have a great day!


Nikola Miličić

Sparring Team