Daily Post – 403 How to sleep better?

August 8, 2021

How to sleep better?

Daily post 403

Dear Clients,


many of us have a problem with sleeping. Some people count the sheep till the early morning hours so we decided to give you some tips on how to sleep better and how to avoid dreamless nights.



  1. Have a regular sleep pattern – the ideal amount of sleep is 7,5-8 hours
  2. Later in the afternoon and in the evening avoid caffeine – coffee, some teas, or cola
  3. Have some relaxing ritual before bedtime – meditation, hot shower, gentle yoga, reading, herbal tea, …
  4. Limit the time spent at the screen at least one hour before sleep 
  5. Give yourself 20 after lunch 
  6. Make yourself good conditions – ideally have silent, peace, darkness, and cold in your room (but not too cold 18-19 degrees are recommended)


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Have a great day!


Nikola Miličić

Sparring Team