Daily Post – 311 Meet the glutamine

April 4, 2021

Meet the glutamine

Daily post 311

Dear Clients,


today we would like to present to you another supplement this time we will talk about glutamine.


Glutamine is an essential amino acid that can be produced by our body naturally but in some cases, we need to increase intake with food or supplements.


As a supplement, we use glutamine to improve our muscle growth and regeneration but it is not just for people who train a lot it is also for everyone else because glutamine supports the immune system.


In case you decide that glutamine is a good choice for you don’t hesitate and visit our e-shop where you can find glutamine in both variations as a powder or in pills.


If you have any questions, or requirements please reach our online gym coordinator nikola.milicic@sparring.cz


Have a great day!


Nikola Miličić

Sparring Team

E-shop – Glutamine