Daily Post – 213 What happened on 17th of November?

November 22, 2020

What happened on the 17th of November?

Daily post 213

Dear Clients,


today is a very special day. It is not just that we don’t have to go working but the date 17th of November is a very important date for the world. Do you know what happened on this date?


Today is the International day of students. This day is connected with tragic events that happened in 1939 in occupated Czechoslovakia. The students were demonstrating against the situation and during these demonstrations, nazis killed two college students Jan Opletal and Václav Sedláček.


The following Opletal’s funeral was used for another massive demonstration against nazi Germany by students so the reaction of Adolf Hitler was the decision to close all colleges in Czechoslovakia for three years.


Two years later in 1941, this date was decided to be the International day of students.


Fifty years later in 1989 as a symbolic reminder of this day 17th of November the independence of Czechoslovakia was declared.


That is the reason why is this day so important to remember.


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