Daily Post – 204 Office workout

November 8, 2020

Office workout

Daily post 204


Dear Clients,


unfortunately, the gyms still remain closed so we have to be creative and find alternative ways how to exercise.


A lot of us have to work from home right now because of that our lector Mili prepared for you a short office workout that you can do during your work.


Sometimes we have to sit on a chair for a long time and our body really hurts this simple workout will help you stretch your body and stay in shape during this time.


You can also train with Mili live because she is one of our lectors for the group lessons that we prepare for you every week.


If you want to find out when are the Mili’s lessons click on the button above which will show you the schedule for the whole of November. You will also find there the links.


If you have any questions, or requirements please reach our online gym manager daniel.zach@sparring.cz


Have a great day!


Nikola Miličić

Sparring Team