Daily Post 10 – New month and new upgrade for you!

April 8, 2020

Dear Clients,

We are happy you are with us, and we are still working on optimization of our operations to give you all the services and care we can. New month in bringing another step forward, and what is it?
We have developed our online system by these:

  • We are open every day from 8 am – 8 pm (8:00-20:00) 7 days a week: Currently we have our personnel ready to be at your service and give you an information about training, nutrition, general information or simply ready to chat. You can use one of these numbers to reach us (we are working on one stable number) and we are ready to help you with anything. 720 684 300, 775 554 123
  • We have prepared a new system of online consultation about training, nutrition, healthy lifestyle, and basically anything you might need some extra time to talk 1 on 1 with our trainer, nutritionist, or masseur – use the fit-system to do the registration as you would for group lessons (time is available from 8 am – 8 pm).
  • In upcoming days, we will be ready to present you another upgrade, where we will be able to give you a schedule of group lessons and workshops to participate online – we are working on the platform to that with high efficiency.
  • Daily posts are from now sent in the morning, so you can see what is going on today while you are having your morning coffee 🙂

We also want to let you know, that everyone is trying their best to participate and give you the content to improve your day. Please be kind on us, for some of us it is the first video appearance ever.

We are happy you are with us, and please, let us know if there is anything we can do for you

Have a great day!