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    Fitness Center Policies/Equipment Usage
    All users are expected to adhere to guidelines and procedures listed below
    provided Sparring Point. Failure to adhere to the rules and/or directions of the staff governing the fitness center will result in administrative and/or disciplinary action, including but not limited to, suspension or cancellation of membership.

    Equipment use:
    -Exercisers must wipe down equipment after use (Use cleaning solution provided
    by the facility/staff. Spray towel first and then wipe equipment, this will
    help prolong the life of equipment).
    -No dropping weights or allowing machine plates to slam down.
    -No putting weights on benches.
    -Re-rack all weight/plates to their designated area when finished with equipment.
    -Share equipment and allow others to use your machine when doing multiple sets.

    General Policies:
    -No food or drinks allowed in the fitness center area (Exception: Closed Bottles).
    -Any behaviors that may damage the facilities (Examples: chewing gum, tobacco,
    spitting, etc) are prohibited.
    -Abuse of the facility or equipment will not be tolerated and are grounds for
    removal from the facility. (Examples: damaging equipment or other
    facility property).
    -Open-air radios or stereos, other than personal listening devices with headphones, unless approved by the staff for use in specific areas, are prohibited.
    -Threats or acts of violence will result in loss of Fitness Center Membership.

    Fit system credits
    The fit system credits are equal to classic money, 1 credit = 1 CZK.
    Customer can transfer any amount of money into credits on the reception with cash, card payment or Sodexo.
    Fit system credits are valid 6 months after the transfer, in case the
    customer didn’t spend the credits before this time the system
    automatically expires the credits.
    The credits that were once expired can’t be restored again.
    The customer can request the extension of credits at the latest 2 weeks
    before expiration date for another 6 months after this time the credits
    can’t be revalidated again.


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